Reflexology and Reiki

“I went to Morag after months of feeling out of balance, as she had been recommended to me by a friend. After the Reiki healing, I felt lighter, happier and more full of energy. The benefit of the healing has continued to last, I’ve had more energy, been sleeping better and been more focussed. People sometimes are sceptical about Reiki, but I’d encourage anyone to experience the benefits it can offer.” – Maria Denis


For over a decade I have successfully treated clients with holistic therapies in East Grinstead.

I harmonise and guide clients to a place of deep relaxation. Using my inner wisdom and a range of holistic therapies which include Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Ayurvedic Face massage and Sacred Sound Healing.

My treatment room becomes a space of tranquillity for my clients where they can truly relax and let tension and stress dissolve away.

It is well documented that tension and stress held in the body is not healthy and can contribute to other physical and mental conditions. By dissolving tension, trauma and old hurts held in your body you will start to feel lighter and have more vitality.


The treatments I offer at the Silver Grey Clinic are:

Reflexology – Using pressure points in the feet I will treat you to a full body treatment which is very relaxing and will bring your mind. body and soul back into balance.

Reiki – I am a Reiki Master so offer both treatments and training. Reiki is the most beautiful of Japanese Healing Arts and during the treatment I will take you to an almost meditative state giving your mind body and soul the opportunity to rejuvenate.

Indian Head Massage – This ancient tradition of Indian Massage treats your head neck and shoulders. Great for reliving shoulder and neck tension caused by modern day living.

Ayurvediic Facials – Or yoga for the face! Deep face massage using beautiful face serums made from crystals and essences to remove tension held in the face and give you a more youthful appearance.

In additions to treatments I can also offer Soul Readings, Spiritual Mentoring and Reiki Training.


All treatments last for 45 minutes and cost £45.00. Why not combine more than one treatment to give yourself a real treat?


If you are unsure how I can support you or have any questions to ask me about what I offer then I’m inviting you to have a FREE twenty-minute consultation with me either by phone or in person.

Please contact me at 07488367753 or